Gifts for Wall Street fans

The best gift ideas


The best gift ideas for stock market fans and investors

You are urgently looking for gift ideas for someone who is passionate about shares and securities and is very interested in the stock market? Yes, we know it’s not easy to find the right gift for a stock market fan. Not everyone has the money to buy a few gold bars or shares!

In this article you will find the coolest gift ideas for stock market fans. We have thought of everything: from the cheapest alternatives to higher quality gifts.

Cash flow, the investment game

Cashflow Spiel
Cashflow, das Investitionspiel von Robert Kiyosaki

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Granted, this game isn’t necessarily cheap. But, it’s one of the best investing games there is. The idea is quite simple: in Monopoly, luck determines who wins, here the strategy and the ability to think. You have to leave the hamster wheel where you buy real estate, shares and companies.

Bull and bear, the favorite animals of investors

Bulle und Bär
Bulle und Bär, die Symbole der Börse

Why the cop and bear? Investors differentiate between bull and bear markets – i.e. between rising and falling markets. I’m talking about an animal metaphor: the bull pushes his horns upwards, while the bear hits his paws downwards. Both animals are very popular between stockbrokers, be it in the form of figures or on T-shirts or posters.

If you click on the link below, you will find different bull and bear figures.

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Films about the stock market, Wall Street and finance

Filme über Börse

Even though our tastes differed, we all love movies. Some love comic films, others action films or drama.

There aren’t that many stock market films, but most of them are very good. Who hasn’t laughed themselves to death with “The Wolf of Wall Street”? Or a few sentences memorized by stock market giant Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) in the movie “Wall Street”?

Here you will find a list of the best stock exchange films of all time:

The Big Short

A brilliant film about the financial crisis of 2007 – with legends like Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling among others.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

Stock trader Jordan Belfort becomes a multimillionaire through fraud and enjoys a luxury life – until the FBI discovers it. Incredibly good comedy.

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Wall Street (1 & 2)

The classic of all classics when it comes to films about the stock market. A “must have one” for every stockbroker.

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Books for investors

If you invest on the stock exchange, there is no way around books. It is very important to constantly educate yourself!

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7. Shirts and clothes

T-Shirt für Börsianer

There are numerous shirts and clothes with stock market motifs. How about a “buy and hold” T-shirt?

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Historical securities and stocks


Real historical bonds and stocks.

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9. A funny gift for investors and brokers


This is dollar toilet paper. Simply ingenious.

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